Special Events

Portland Dharma Center Events

A Presentation On Worldly Knowledge:
New Ideas on Evolution,
From the Book “Survival of the Friendliest” By Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods

Presented by Dharma Acharya Tim Ros

September 29th, 2022 7:00 PM PDT

Survival of the fittest has long been the accepted rule of evolution. Recent scientific studies presented in this book reveal that it is actually the quality of friendliness and cooperation which have allowed species to thrive. This one hour presentation will go through the text and summarize the main points, and show the similarities to Buddha’s teachings.

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82333031189

No registration required, all are welcome to join.

Hiking in Nature

Community activity for September 2022

Dear Precious Buddha Path Sangha,

As we enter the month of September and the season turns to fall, The September Committee is encouraging all local Sangha and Dharma Centers to organize Nature Hike Activities.

To promote good health, to connect with the beauty of nature and for bonding and supporting each other, walks or hikes in natural surroundings are an excellent group activity.
As this is the ninth month we can recall the 9th Great Miracle of Buddha Shakyamuni:

Miracle Display of the Incredible Luminous Body Expanding from the Earth to the Form God Realm.

Hiking in the mountains, seeing far landscapes and distances, waterfalls and other reminders of the vastness of our environment are good to remember.
“Look in All Directions
Watch all space, all space”

Let’s invite all family and friends to participate. Even those who are unable to join larger group activities can connect with these events by going outside, observe and appreciate the natural environment, sky and trees, even if it’s just a walk to the neighborhood park.

The most auspicious dates in September are Friday the 23rd (Fall equinox), Saturday the 24th (Dharmapala Day), and Sunday the 25th (new moon, Shakyamuni Buddha Day).

To share and rejoice our activities with all Sangha, please take auspicious photos. Our Sangha Member Will Chan (Vancouver, B.C.) will be collecting these for a photo album.

We wish you all a very beneficial month, Sarwa Mangalam!

Buddhism for Everyone

Saturday Afternoon Dharma Teachings
Each Saturday from 3:30 to 4:30 PM Pacific time, on Zoom

Dharma Acharya Tim Ros

No registration required.

Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84572866853

The focus is on understanding fundamental Buddhist principles and how to use them to increase happiness in this world.

DSSF Events

The Orange County Dharma Center Presents A Dzogchen Buddha Path Dharma Teaching

“The 4 Maras”
by Dharma Acharya Dr. Nancy Kryder

September 20, 2022 6:30 PM PDT

Maras are thinking, forces, or beings which obstruct progress on the Buddha Path to True Happiness. Inner Maras are negative thinking, negative karma, obstacles, four specific wrong views which obstruct progress toward Enlightenment and Omniscience. Outer maras are sentient beings, non-virtuous gods. When inner maras are reduced, outer maras cannot harm you. When inner maras increase, outer maras appear everywhere.

Join us for a one hour exploration of attributes, classifications, and specific obstacles associated with the 2 obscurations, and various ego-clingings, misperceptions, imputations, and afflictions.

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Meeting ID: 205 618 2302
Passcode: 8jMy6V

No registration required, all sangha are welcome.

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