Special Events

Fundamentals of the View, Meditation, and Conduct of the Buddha Path

Five-Week Course
May 4 – June 4 ~ Mon, Wed, or Thurs ~ 7:00 to 7:30 pm

Join the teachers of the Portland Dharma Center for our new five-week course on the fundamentals of Vajrayana Buddhism. Each week we will offer a new topic for three evenings – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Students may attend any classes they wish and as many classes as they wish during a term.

Week 1 – Four Noble Truths
Week 2 – Single Present Moment Thinking and Time
Week 3 – Negative Thinking and Positive Thinking
Week 4 – Karma
Week 5 – Buddha Nature

Suggested donation is $5/class. No prerequisites. No preregistration. Everyone welcome.

Recovery on the Buddha Path
**Temporarily suspended until further notice**

Meeting Open to Everyone!

This 12-Step inspired Buddhist recovery group is a non-theistic program open to anyone suffering from addiction or having friends and family suffering from addiction. The format of the meeting is similar to 12 Step, but the content is centered around the practical, time-honored techniques of the Buddha, rather than God, scripture, or Christianity.

In The Four Noble Truths of the Enlightened the Buddha taught that we all want happiness, because our true nature is happiness. No matter our belief system, what we have done or not done, who we love or how we dress or express ourselves, we are constantly searching for happiness but desperately clinging to the causes of suffering.

In the recovery community we know all-too-well: whether it’s alcohol, drugs, sex, food, enmeshment with our addicted loved-ones, worry, etc., more is not better! We long for freedom from addictive behaviors that cause our suffering even as we keep trying to feel better with more.

Buddhism teaches that we can free ourselves from the causes of suffering (addiction), transcend the limitations of identifying as sick/victim, and achieve both temporary relief and lasting happiness.

Join us to find out how! See more on Meetup or Facebook.

2020 Dzogchen Buddha Path Grand Tara Drupchen
June 5, 6 & 7


SAVE THE DATE! Dzogchen Shri Singha Foundation joyfully announces the 2020 Grand Tara Drupchen. This is our third annual public event and all are welcome to attend. More information at http://taradrupchen.org.