2013 DSSP Annual Meeting Minutes

2013 DSSP Annual MeetingDecember 9, 2013
Members present:
Devan Anderson
Mary Curtis
Amanda Davis
Brian Lockyear
Andy Morse
Suzanne Pecore
Jake Ros
Judy Ros
Pete Ros
Tim Ros
Carrie Ure
Rodney Yoder

Also present:
Michael Husselbee Rose
Heather Martin
Jessica Thomas

Members absent:
Ed Kamholz
Leslie Miller
Kathy Murphy
Duncan Ros

1.    President’s Report – Judy Ros
2.    Treasurer’s Report – Rodney Yoder
3.    Board Elections
4.    New Dharma Center – Devan Anderson
5.    New Business/Planning Discussion

a.    Teaching schedules
b.    New Committees: Visiting Teachers, Public Teachings, etc.
c.    Communication tree

1. President’s Report/Judy Ros
Judy welcomed the group and read a statement made by DSSF President John Sullard at the the November Sangha Appreciation Event in Eugene.
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Judy listed the many accomplishments we have made together as a Sangha in the last year. Since our last annual meeting on Lha Bab Duchen, November 6, 2012, we have:

•    Launched new website and Facebook page
•    Continued weekly newsletters
•    Grew mailing list to 96
•    2 public teaching series in Spring and Fall
•    Increased participation of both members and new attendees. Averaging over 10 sangha per session
•    Three new graduate interns: Andy, Judy, Tim, to bring our total to 6
•    Launched several new teachers: Andy, Devan, Jake, Pete, Tim
•    Helped one member attend a retreat who would not have been able to go otherwise
•    Raised over $1000 for Erik Jung’s 2013 teaching tour
•    Hosted several visiting teachers, including Khenpo/Wangmo, Erik, and Alejandro
•    Started a new MeetUp group
•    Conferred refuge in a new member
•    Sent a visiting teacher to Port Townsend
•    Held our first practice via Skype and Facetime
•    Become a model for other Sanghas around the country

Below is a copy of Judy’s statement:

The Sangha is important as a community of people who are all dedicated to increasing their positive thinking, engaging in beneficial activities, and working together to support teachers and the system of Buddhism. The Vajra Master is even more important as a reservoir of pure Dharma who nourishes the Sangha. But most important is the system of Buddhism ~ the organization ~ since this mandala of Buddhism protects the pure Dharma and promulgates it for the benefit of countless beings of the present and future. Our organization, the Dzogchen Shri Singha Portland has to be cared for, kept pure, and nourished though the support of the Sangha and anyone who would like to participate in our merit. We have become a model for other Sanghas around the country. WE DID IT.  WE REJOICE.  WE DEDICATE.

2. Treasurer’s Report/Rodney Yoder
We currently have $1600 in our checking account, compared to only $1100 last year at this time.

Our cash flow: $200-250 per quarter covers our current rent, which is $80 per month

The income generated from our Intro to Buddhism teachings has brought us up to the $1600 level as well as allowed us to accomplish the other tasks such as supporting visiting teachers, giving a small stipend to a needy retreatant.

To go to weekly meetings will need approximately $525/quarter.

3. Board Elections

Andy, Brian, Jake volunteered to run the election. Andy will compile the results and report to the Sangha.

The Ballot:

President: Judy Ros
Vice President: Tim Ros
Treasurer: Rodney Yoder
Secretary: Carrie Ure
Dzogchen Shri Singha Portland

Board Elections 2013

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 3.51.47 PM

As shown in Andy’s report above, election results were unanimous, with 12 ballots and 4 absentee ballots counted. All nominees were voted into office. Write-in candidates did not get a majority vote. Welcome to our new board member, Tim Ros! Emaho!

4. New Dharma Center/Devan Avderson
Devan’s reports are attached separately. She summarized them as follows:

In searching for potential office space for our first Dharma Center, Devan has found that most properties are going for about $1 per sq. ft.

Several examples are shown in the attached report, including spaces in all quadrants of Portland.

Members recommended that we look into “assembly usage” and “subleasing” before signing a lease.

We had a discussion about how big a space we would need, estimating something between 300 and 500 sq. ft.

Carrie suggested that a business plan is the next step to analyze our needs, potential costs and to use for procuring donations and/or funding.

Projected opening date depends on the level of financial commitment from Sangha members and outside donors.

5. New Business/Planning

Weekly Meetings
There was a discussion about increasing the frequency of our 3 monthly meetings to every week and, by show of hands, 14 present were in favor and 1 was opposed. Carrie distributed a financial pledge form and asked Sangha to sincerely check how much they feel is right to give in the coming year. Rodney will collect the anonymous pledge forms at our next meeting before we decide to increase the number of meetings. Pros and cons included, more consistency, ability to find a more permanent home, easier to attract attendance, easier to find us, and possible to raise more funds through more donations. On the other side, we would need more participation if we offered more public teachings. Also, some feel that having a night off once in a while is a good idea.

With the increased public teachings, increased communication and need for more help with social media (Facebook, Website, newsletter, MeetUp etc.), there is a need for committees of members to work on projects. Examples of potential committee seats, of which some positions are already filled, include:

Board (Carrie, Judy, Rodney, Tim)
Dharma Center (Devan)
Team Leader/AKA Dharma Mascot (Jake)
Teaching schedules
Visiting Teachers
Public Teachings
Sangha Communication
Social media (Carrie, Devan, Andy, Rodney)
Skype Teachings (Mary)

Anyone who would like to teach Dharma is invited to do so. Please speak to a board member and we can put you on the teacher schedule and consult with you about how to start. Devan asked if we would be teaching on worldly subjects and it was agreed that we should keep the focus on Dharma. At this point, all interns may teach and are encouraged to teach. We are maintaining a rotation of teachings. Jake, Devan and Pete are also interested in teaching. Jake will teach on the topic, “Finding Your Feet” for our 12/23 meeting at Motion Massage.

The meeting was adjourned and we dedicated our merit.

Respectfully submitted by Carrie Ure